Kitchen Minder and PC Minder 6.0 Upgrade
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Kitchen Minder and PC Minder 6.0 Upgrade 

$249 one time fee per restaurant.


The software will be unlocked for you within 48 hours of Payment being cleared. When we have received FULL payment, you will receive an email notifying you of the next steps for the upgrade. 

RECEIVE a $50 rebate if your QES subscription is current. 

To receive the rebate, fill out the v6.0 Kitchen Minder Upgrade Rebate Form and email to for review.

Once your QES subscription for the referenced Burger King Restaurant is validated as current, a $50 rebate will be applied to the credit card used for the purchase of you v6.0 upgrade resulting in a final price of $199. 

  • Item #: 890515-6.0

Kitchen Minder and PC Minder 6.0 Upgrade

Price: $249.00
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